Depression healing meditation techniques Guaranteed Success are proven that can help cure depression that a person experiences. According to clinical studies in various developing countries, one technique that is very influential in treating and relieving various types of depression is mindfulness meditation.

Depression healing meditation techniques

Depression healing meditation techniques

This meditation can affect the condition of our thoughts, if we do it routinely such as negative thinking, regretting the situation, and difficulty focusing, difficulty socializing etc.

Keep in mind that depression healing meditation techniques are just one, many ways and simple ways to relieve mild depression even to severe depression and this is very effective to do without costly. Including depression that is resistant to therapy.

You can get training or how to do detailed meditation by looking for a guide on the internet or get a DVD guide about meditation in the ebook like on ebay, clickbank, amazon and there are still many other places on the site of the meditation guide seller website.

The guide can help you visualize soothing scenes, focus on the body and breath, and realize the initial self to cure depression.

Here we will provide a number of depression healing meditation techniques that can be done very simply.

Meditation can not only be done by sitting still and focusing the mind but meditation must also be combined with other traditional therapies and methods in order to cure depression as a whole.

Depression Healing Meditation Technique Awareness

Position of sitting up or sleeping

Mindfulness meditation is very effective and easy to do to overcome and heal severe depression this method has proven to be very easy:

Choose a place or room that is free of noise or a kick that can attract attention such as in front of a window or in front of a television. Try to face a plain wall if possible.

Try sitting upright in a chair that is not moving or sitting cross-legged on the floor with a cushion on the buttocks (not too high) keep your feet touching the floor. Make sure the position of your hips is higher than the knee.

Place both palms open each above the thigh.

Look forward straight, and let your eyes open slightly try to point your gaze towards the wall of the room or see the floor looking at the floor but the body remains upright.

Sit up straight relaxed (not tense) and comfortable during meditation. You have to focus on our breathing and feel our breathing begin to suck air from the nose, hold it for a few seconds then slowly release it through the mouth. Do this repeatedly with calm and relaxed state.

Do this exercise for the beginning of 15 minutes a day if you have practiced doing 1.5 hours a day. When withdrawing your breath through your nose, say a positive word, for example “I feel happy, I feel stronger and healthier.”

When inhaling along with saying “I feel happy” and when exhaling through my mouth together with saying “I feel stronger and healthier”. If I prefer to say more religious things like ” Jesus son of David Have mercy on me a sinner “, the choice of words you can choose yourself according to the important will of the word that is positive and to build and generate optimesme of our souls.

Start by focusing your mind on the start. Sit for a while then begin to realize your prefix. This is the prefix for healing meditation techniques.

Pay attention to your sitting, body and environment before concentrating. If your mind is distracted or distracted, try to redirect it by paying attention to the body and the conditions around you. At the beginning of the depression healing meditation technique is indeed to unite concentration, this is rather difficult but keep trying until you are in a state of really concentration and relax.

Depression Healing Meditation Technique Breathing and Mindful

Breathing – Then feel your breath after concentrating the prefix for some time. Direct your thoughts on the breath

Depression healing meditation techniques

Depression healing meditation techniques

Breathing is a natural process according to a certain rhythm. Feel the flow of air in the lungs that enter through the nasal cavity and remove it through the mouth. Repeat as much as possible until you feel that your heartbeat will make you more calm and emotionally comfortable.

Latiham is commonly called diaphragmatic breathing can be done while sitting upright and can also be done lying down if not able to sit for long.

Mind – After breathing for a few minutes, just let your mind wander. Don’t judge or analyze it. Try to follow your thoughts that just come and go.

Depression healing meditation techniques are usually the longer you meditate on the mind, the more anxiety, problems, memories, or memory will emerge as long as we talk to friends and carry our memories even television footage. Just let the thought come and go by itself, don’t control it.

If you have been able to control the mind try flowing your thoughts into the middle brain and feeling the benefits of calmness that arises, the feeling feels empty and there is no burden whatsoever. That is part of the peak point of meditation that we aim for (peace of mind and soul)

Research has shown that the 2.5-hour-long healing meditation technique for depression awareness has been shown to overcome the symptoms of depression in a number of patients. This activity can be done at home at night or in a closed room.

Or if we want to benefit from entering meditation activities in your daily routine so as not to forget, for example by making plans to meditate after brushing your teeth before going to bed at night. Thus, this activity will become a routine.

Thus the brief guide of our article about depression healing meditation techniques is guaranteed to be successful and there are many more guidelines about meditation in our next article, hopefully all of this is useful.

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