How to  be kind to yourself to deal with depression without drugs is one of the main ways to give meaning to our lives and to others.

how to  be kind to yourself

how to  be kind to yourself

Being how to  be kind to yourself allows us to communicate and love others better, and also have a positive impact on the lives of others . Goodness is embedded in you, and even though some people already have good qualities, this trait can be developed by anyone. If you want to know being nice to yourself, look at this step to get started.

1. Be kind to yourself.

Many people make the mistake of trying to be nice to themselves to others while at the same time being out of focus. On being kind to themselves. Some of these things can come from disliking aspects of yourself, but more often than not, it comes from the inability to know yourself better. And unfortunately, when your soul does not feel established, your kindness towards others risks becoming a false good as explained in the previous step. Or, it can cause loss of enthusiasm and disappointment because you are more concerned with others.

• Knowing yourself allows you to understand what causes you pain and disappointment, and allows you to accept your contradictions and inconsistencies. This gives you the heart to handle things about yourself that you don’t like. In turn, knowing yourself will help prevent you from showing your negative side to others, allowing you to treat others with love and kindness.

• Take the time to become more introspective and use it to be more generous to yourself (remembering that we all have weaknesses) and to others. How to  be kind to yourself , your inner anxiety is handled rather than exacerbating your need to project hurt and hurt.

Solution Developing A More Compassionate View

how to  be kind to yourself

2. Give genuine care to others.

Basically, how to  be kind to yourself is about how you really care about the other people around you, expecting the best for them, and acknowledging the same desires, needs, aspirations and even concerns for yourself. Goodness is warm, durable, patient, trusting, loyal, and grateful. Piero Ferrucci argues that goodness is a matter of “reducing effort” because it frees us from being shackled in negative attitudes such as hatred, malice, suspicion, and manipulation. In the end, kindness is a deep concern for all beings.

• Try to practice how to  be kind to yourself and generous to others. Being unfamiliar, embarrassed, or not knowing how to reach other people can only be overcome by doing it, by always trying to become a natural urge to be kind and generous to others.

• Don’t be selfless. The greatest good attitude does not expect anything, without conditions, and does not require compensation for what is done or said.

3. Don’t be nice with a disguised intention.

Beware of deceptive goodness. Goodness is not a matter of “modesty for profit, calculated generosity, superficial ethics.” Just how to be kind to yourself to others is because you believe this will affect them to give you something you want, or as a way of controlling them, that is not good. Nor does goodness pretend to care for someone when it is hiding anger and hatred; hiding our anger or frustration behind being kind is not good.

• And finally, being someone who always tries to please others is also not good; this is only a behavior of surrender to the situation so as not to disturb the order because you are afraid of what might happen if you do not obey.

Continuing to develop more compassionate views and how to be kind to yourself

Don’t take the effort to become more aware of your own needs and limitations as selfish actions; far from that, it is an important condition to be able to reach other people with great inner strength and awareness.

• Ask yourself what it means to be more generous with yourself. For many people, being more generous with themselves includes monitoring negative heart whispers that humble yourself and stop your negative thoughts.

4. Learn good from others.

Think about the really good people in your life and how they make you feel. Do you feel warmth every time you remember them? It is very likely that you feel that way because the effect of goodness persists, it warms your heart even when the most difficult challenges confront you. When other people find ways to love you for who they are, it’s hard to forget that trust and recognition of your self-esteem, and their kindness lives forever

• Remember how good others “explain your day”. What causes their goodness to make you feel special and valued? Are there things they do that you can emulate from your own heart?

5. Cultivate kindness for your own health.

Improving psychological health and happiness comes from more positive thoughts, and kindness is a positive mental condition. While goodness is about giving and how to  be kind to yourself and being open to others, giving goodness returns a sense of well-being and connectedness to us that improves our own mental and health conditions simultaneously overcoming depression treatment.

• Although simple, the ability to be good is itself a strong and consistent gift, driving self-esteem.

Developing More Views and ways of how to  be kind to yourself

6. Make it focus on kindness as a habit.

Goodness is behavior is a habit that can be cultivated by everyone. We suggest focusing on goodness every day for a month. At the end of this directed focus, you will realize a profound change in your life, you will feel more satisfied with yourself, and you will realize that people react to you differently, including treating you better. As we know, in the long run, being kind to yourself is a manifestation of karma. Suggestions to help develop your kindness include:

• Do one thing that is good for someone every day. Decide with intention at the beginning of the day what good actions will be taken and take time to do it on that day.

• Be kind, friendly, and loving when you interact with someone, and even more so if that person usually makes you angry, stressed, or disturbed. Use kindness as your strength.

• Accumulating your small acts of kindness becomes a greater act of affection. Volunteering for those who need and take the initiative to alleviate suffering is an act of greater affection.

Meditation to help spread goodness. Read Practicing Poor Meditation (Metta) for more details. Look more (Depression Healing Meditation Technique Guaranteed Success)

7. Be friendly to anyone, not just to “needy” people.

Expand the circumference of your kindness. It can be very easy to be nice to yourself when we are unconsciously doing what Stephanie Dowrick calls “degrading goodness”. This refers to the good that is given to people who we think are really needed (sick people, poor people, vulnerable, and people who are in line with our own ideals). Be kind to people who are close to us, emotionally (like family or friends) or in other ways (from the same country, same skin color or sex, etc.), also easier than being kind to people who are called philosophers Hegel “the other party”.

 how to  be kind to yourself
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Continuation of Developing More Views and how to be kind to yourself

It can be more difficult to be kind to people we can think of as ourselves, but it will be valuable.

• The problem with limiting our kindness to “comfortable” cases is that we fail to recognize that the need to be kind to everyone, no matter who they are, their level of wealth or fortune, their values ​​and beliefs, their attitudes and behavior, the place their origin, their resemblance to ourselves, etc.

• By choosing to be nice only to people we feel deserve to be treated well, we emit our own biases and judgments, and only do conditional goodness. True goodness encompasses all beings and although the challenges you will face when trying to apply this broader idea of ​​goodness will sometimes be difficult, you will never stop learning about the depth of your ability to truly do good.

• If you are not being kind to others just because you think they are capable without support or understanding, then you are doing a selective kindness.

8. Reduce judgment.

If you really want to be good, then you must get rid of your judgmental attitude. Instead of spending your time being critical of others, try to be positive and loving. If you tend to be prejudiced against others, hoping that other people can improve their abilities, or feel like the people around you are spoiled or confused, then you will never learn true goodness. Stop judging people and realize that you will never truly understand the circumstances of people unless you are themselves. Focus on wanting to help others, not judge them because they don’t meet your expectations.

• If you are judgmental, vulnerable to gossip, or always bad-mouthing those around you, you will never be able to overcome your reluctance to be kind.

• Being good means forgiving people instead of expecting perfection.

We will discuss how to be kind to yourself to overcome depression without medication in the next article, and this is still a more detailed explanation.

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