Parinatal depression in Australia is worrying – this word makes us nervous as parents or husbands who always accompany their wives who are pregnant. Worries and anxieties that arise in our minds are natural. Let’s look at this article.

Perinatal depression

Alert to the stage of perinatal depression. Perinatal depression is (a period of five months before and one month after giving birth) is an asymptomatic killer. This condition is also the biggest single cause of death associated with labor. Ironically, these depressive symptoms are rarely discussed and handled seriously.

One in seven new mothers in Australia experiences depression in the perinatal period, which is five months before the baby is born, and one month after the baby is born. In addition to all the emotional costs suffered, this depression also raises expensive costs that must be paid. read also high cost of fighting depression

From the data received by the ABC 7.30 program, the estimated costs that can be caused by perinatal depression reach 535 million dollars per year, if left untreated. And unfortunately, the funds for handling this disease are threatened with stagnation.

Dean Litis deeply understands the destructive effects of perinatal depression.

“Dean Litis is a father who lost his wife, Louise, because of depression during childbirth. In this long interview he told his story and sent a message to those who deal with postnatal depression. “

Dean Litis’s wife Louise, struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of their first son, Sam. Louise then recovered, and three years later, they were blessed with Charlie. Louise’s depression recurred.

“Charlie was 5 months old when his mother was taken to the hospital. Louise was only treated for four days before ending her own life, “Dean lamented. Ironically, the tragedy experienced by Dean and family, is now rife with other families in Australia, perhaps also in this hemisphere.

The Federal Budget for mental health is reviewed in dealing with perinatal depression.

The “Tweddle” clinic helps 1,000 parents cope with perinatal depression each year, and takes them to therapy sessions.

perinatal depression

Now, the services provided by these clinics and other treatments are at risk of stagnation.

Until June of last year, the State and Federal Governments were still funding the National perinatal depression agency.

Their 5-year, 85-million-dollar program has helped thousands of new mothers and fathers to deal with symptoms of acute depression and anxiety and bear the costs of care and education for their medical staff.

However, disputes between the State and the Commonwealth in Australia regarding the budget threaten the sustainability of this program.

“It is unfortunate if the achievements that we have been struggling to build for the past 5 years must disappear slowly,” complained Nicole Highet, Executive Director of the Center for Handling Perinatal Disease.

The Treatment Center estimates that if all treatment for depression and perinatal anxiety is stopped, Australia will cover the health costs of parents and infants of almost 540 million annually, not including loss of productivity.

perinatal depression

Professor Pat McGorry, former recipient of the “Australian Leader of the Year,” said his work in dealing with adolescents who have mental disorders would be very helpful if labor depression could be detected and treated early.

 “This disease affects two people, not one. He (perinatal depression) interferes with the mental health of children in the future. ”

So little information about parinatal depression in Australia is alarming. Hopefully this information is useful for everyone in this hemisphere especially as husbands and parents who are accompanying their wives or children who are about to give birth to their sons.

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