What is paranoid schizophrenia and what is the connection with suicide is a question that we all should know in modern times like this.

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Schizophrenia is a chronic mental illness that will cause a disturbance in one’s thinking process. Patients who experience schizophrenia are very difficult and cannot even distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Suicide is a behavior or action to free yourself from various difficulties, depression, problems and impasse experienced by someone who already feels unable to solve it. In other words, someone feels that suicide is a solution to being free from confusion and suffering.

Many sources say, in the last few days when the British government hosted an international session on mental health, Prime Minister Theresa May for the first time formed a deputy for suicide prevention. “This appointment of Jackie Doyle-Price will help end the public’s view of suicide.” He said.


On that occasion, May called the suicide as a black spot that must be removed, because this action will have an impact and sadness on the family and society. Constraints that forced the British prime minister to appoint and vote for this policy, because for years this suicide problem had swept the West, especially in Britain.

Based on the results of the WHO report (World Health Organization), nearly one million people in the world die from suicide every year. This means that every 40 seconds, one person dies from suicide is very concerned.

And the means of suicide taken to people at the age of puberty are themselves a factor in the increase in suicide rates. The method that is often done is hanging himself, poisoning himself with pesticides, overdosing on drugs, alcohol, using weapons, jumping from heights and others.

Depression is one of the causes of paranoid schizophrenia and suicide


The highest suicide cases in various countries are between the ages of 15-29 years. According to psychiatrists, the risk of suicides and suicides is not only alcohol or drug abuse, but is an indication of one mental illness such as schizophrenia, emotional disorders, depression, anxiety and especially late stress or medication in treatment.

Paranoid schizophrenia is a type of schizophrenia commonly found in the community. The most typical symptom of paranoid schizophrenia is delusion and hallucinations. Therefore, people affected by paranoid schizophrenia often feel and hear voices in their minds and have feelings like seeing something that is not real.

People with paranoid schizophrenia, if we pay attention, often show chaotic behavior that causes them to be unable to control and control their behavior. Therefore, people with paranoid schizophrenia often show inappropriate behavior, have difficulty controlling their emotions, desires, and desires.

We can conclude that, paranoid schizophrenia is a chronic psychiatric disorder that is in desperate need of continuous treatment and is highly costly to fight to relieve symptoms.

Constraints faced by Western society today are diseases and mental disorders and depression. Stress is still excellent in Western societies, where some time ago Britain announced that there was an increase in mental disorders, depression and stress among the people of this country and the rise of individualism. Therefore Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to form a special department to deal with the phenomenon of suicide and stress among the people.

Several factors that cause suicide

The average stress level in the United Kingdom is very high, of the 50 million people in the UK, 20 million suffer from stress and depression. According to data released by the Cambridge University psychology faculty, 2/3 of adults in the UK have experienced mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and stress.

paranoid schizophrenia

Although suicide in this country is caused by many factors. Such as mental illness, family crisis, the behavior of children and adolescents and individual mistakes. Experts believe that economic constraints, unemployment due to the existing economic crisis, loss of self-esteem and one’s identity and social impact due to the termination or reduction of the public service budget and social welfare also affect this tragedy.

Not only England, but many in developed countries with fairly high levels of well-being, have increased suicide rates. European countries experience a severe identity crisis and high rates of suicide and depression make worrying about the dangers of politics on this continent. 

Meanwhile, the suicide rate in the United States is reported to continue to increase. The head of the American psychiatric association said, even though there had been a lot of work done, we failed to reduce this number. America for the past 18 years showed a 30 percent increase in suicide. Though 45 percent of suicide victims in America do not suffer from mental illness. Male suicide rates are four times involved in women in America

What is very terrible is that every 13 minutes in the United States suicide takes place. Even investigations show that the number of intentional killings is lower than suicide. Only in 2016 alone, about 45 thousand people in the US committed suicide. Based on the data released by this institution, the escalation of suicide is evenly distributed at every age, ethnicity, sex and ethnic group.

The crisis of suicide in western countries has become a normal phenomenon!

paranoid schizophrenia

Emergencies, namely suicide, are unavoidable until now as the subject of research, not only specialists and analysts, even sociologists, scholars and religious specialists have made it a touch of research. Beginning in the twentieth century there were other divisions at the Western University, which specialized in sociologists personnel.

The consequences of research by scientists regarding other individual suicides for other people or social order and humiliation arise from an emergency identity that calls for modern culture.

One of the new and semi-mystical human difficulties in progress and innovative correspondence is the expansion of character and trust. As sociologists point out, people today in the midst of enormous urban areas and floods of data and correspondence, have lost the essence of picking and have never been connected to a particular place. As if, today people experience the ill effects of seclusion or character.

Given the information available, countries that believe in strong religion in Islamic countries where self-protection is known as a major sin, enthusiasm for shooting oneself is lower. People continue to look for a psychological place that can overcome problems, cynicism and misery. Religion and religious beliefs provide a protected place for people.

As per specialists, religious beliefs are an important factor for human welfare. Given their beliefs, between belief, hope, inspiration and psychological well-being have a solid relationship. Increasingly grounding one’s beliefs and negativity, lower emotional well-being will also recover from difficulties. Religious beliefs support one’s hopes and goals.

So little information about what is paranoid schizophrenia and what is the connection with suicide is a very phenomenon in the western world, which is caused by several factors in this modern era.

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