7 ways to care for the people closest to us who have schizophrenia is actually the most effective action done. Schizophrenic sufferers are more often called “crazy people” because often they are hallucinating, because their soul is disturbed. Many of them thought this symptom was due to possessions, witchcraft, or curses. Because of this, many “crazy” people are put in place and exiled from society.


Approximately 20,000 Indonesians with schizophrenia are installed in rural areas, even though the government has been banned since 1977.

But not a few of those who were “lucky” enough to live in mental hospitals or existing mental health departments and others were targeted by physical and sexual violence from officers, and made guinea pigs from various dubious “alternative” treatments, such as therapy electric shock without anesthesia, concoction of herbal medicines, to confinement isolation.

The practice above violates human rights and is a method that has proven to be ineffective in dealing with people with psychiatric disorders. If we do the right treatment, some schizophrenics can live a normal and productive life and find work according to their abilities and skills. This can be achieved mainly with full support and affection from the family and the people closest to it.

Is it permissible to live at home with a schizophrenic sufferer?

Living with one roof with people with schizophrenia is indeed not an easy thing to do. There are many ways and that can help us guide our loved ones to achieve optimal recovery.

How to Take Care of Family Members with Schizophrenia

1. Learn what problems caused him to develop schizophrenia


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that is most commonly found in general, whose symptoms are the inability to distinguish between the real and the real. Signs of schizophrenia are usually indicated by hearing voices or shadows from inside the head or seeing something that is not real.

Not much is known about what causes a person to develop schizophrenia, but generally the appearance of symptoms of schizophrenia is triggered by a variety of factors, including genetics, prolonged depression, trauma, and drug abuse.

Knowing about schizophrenia, symptoms, and treatment will enable us to make decisions about how best to deal with symptoms, motivate patients to pursue self-help strategies, deal with setbacks, and work together towards recovery.

2. Consultation with local aid agencies

In order to provide more intensive support and care, we all need to get help from outside parties. Meeting and discussing with experts or those who understand correctly about schizophrenia and the situation you are facing right now can help to lift stress, depression, frustration, and fear.

The family or people closest to the sufferer and health assistance institutions can be very valuable places for sufferers and families with schizophrenia to share experiences, advice and information. Consult a doctor or therapist as well as a local hospital and a trusted mental health clinic.

The more consultation and support you have, the better it will be for families to assist in the recovery of people with schizophrenia. But it’s important to stay realistic about how much or to what extent you can help it. And don’t know melting to help families with schizophrenia.

Another thing you can do to treat people who have schizophrenia


3. Guide to schizophrenia so that you want to treat medical treatment

Many of those with schizophrenia are alienated because of the assumption that schizophrenia is dangerous. It really isn’t like that. Symptoms of schizophrenia are not always present at all times and can only appear if triggered by one thing or another. This means that, there are times when sufferers can interact like normal people in general.

Someone who has schizophrenia sometimes does not realize that they are not healthy, until they get treatment. the foundation of good care is a motivation for the schizophrenic person to get medical treatment.

Indeed, patients with schizophrenia cannot be cured, but some symptoms can be treated with a combination of prescription drugs and cognitive and behavioral therapy. And all of this will have maximum impact if done as early as possible.

4. Accompany Schizophrenics every time

Need companion and proper care even after leaving the hospital. Schizophrenics can stop the medication or stop going to the doctor for follow-up therapy. The encouragement and support of the family or the people closest to them is the most important for him to be able to continue therapy.

Changing lifestyle can also be recommended to maintain overall well-being. Starting from a healthy diet, managing stress, avoiding depression by exercising, don’t smoke and others. This in turn can make it easier for doctors to adjust their treatment.

Support and independence of one of the ways to care for family members who suffer from schizophrenia


5. Don’t support his imagination

We are often not sure how to respond when a schizophrenic person makes a statement that seems strange or clearly wrong. As for himself, strange beliefs or hallucinations appear real – not just imagination. But rather than agreeing to the principle, you and other family members can tell them that you did not see / hear these things, or do not agree with their thoughts.

while still recognizing what is felt by people with schizophrenia. For example, reacting like “No, I didn’t hear that,” rather than “Ah, it’s all just your imagination!”

It is important not to underestimate patient trust or delusion. What they feel is real for those who experience it, don’t argue with what is right and wrong with them. Instead, just change the topic of conversation to other things that you both agree to or change topics that are completely different.

6. Help Schizophrenia sufferers to live independently

Interaction with other family members, friends, and peer groups can all provide support and encourage patients to regain their lives. Make life planning goals that will be achieved for example: make it able to make decisions independently or take care of his own bedroom without the help of others. And also help them develop or relearn the skills that they once had that enabled him to gain independence.

Schizophrenics also need to know when they are doing the right thing. Schizophrenic sufferers who feel pressured or repeatedly criticized by others may experience severe depression which can cause a deterioration in their mental state. A positive approach is more effective in the long term than scathing criticism.

Developments that are always recorded continually are also ways to care for family members who suffer from schizophrenia

7. Make a note of its development

Development notes are useful for us and other family members to track each type of symptom that appears, what medications have been used and what effects each treatment has. By knowing what symptoms are present before, family members may be better prepared to deal with them in the future.

The immediate family and people can certainly identify some “early warning signs” of all potential recurring symptoms, such as extreme fatigue or changes in sleep patterns, which are even better and earlier than the patient himself. Thus, symptoms of psychosis can be detected early and treatment can prevent the disease from taking over again.

Thus 7 Guidelines for Caring for the family or people closest to us who suffer from Schizophrenia that we can inform, may be useful for us families and people closest to people with schizophrenia

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