Defeating Depression in the office with a few light movements will be discussed in detail for you and can be immediately monitored. Depression because a lot of work can make people lose work passion, which is initially mild stress. If this continues, over time this will have a negative effect on our psyche and end in severe depression. To help calm the mind, we can do simple meditation techniques and small exercise movements in a place with a few minutes.

Defeating Depression and stress when in the office, we can do informal meditation techniques which can be done anytime and anywhere, including in the office.

Every day while in the office, it is not uncommon to sit in the wrong position or sit too long to trigger pain in our neck, sore shoulders, and pain in the back. It can even make your eyes feel tired quickly. To overcome this, we give examples such as:

Relax your mind and body when sitting in a chair. Then pull and exhale slowly. It’s a simple but powerful movement.

Small movements can be done in the office to defeat depression and stress divided into 2 parts:

Simple meditation

Defeating Depression
Defeating Depression

Padmasana (Lotus Pose) This posture can reduce pressure on the spine because it is able to relax the nervous system. Breathing will be slower, while muscle tension and blood pressure will decrease. Meanwhile, blood circulation will flow normally from the legs to the abdominal area. This activity can also stimulate the digestive process.

If the Padmasana pose is difficult, you can also sit while doing easy movements (Sukhasasana) which can be useful for mental and balance of the body without causing tension or pain and can also Defeating Depression. Can be done while sitting in a car, while eating, or when watching a colleague’s presentation in the office.

Some small meditation techniques can defeat depression

Defeating Depression
Defeating Depression
  • Skandha Chakra (Rotating the Shoulder) The movement of rotating this shoulder can help you relieve a stiff or stiff shoulder. Not only that, but also can relieve the pressure on your neck due to too long driving a vehicle or sitting during working hours. If we do it as often as possible it can defeat depression and stress.
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana Half Rotating the Spine By doing this movement, the muscles in the back and abdomen will move. Now, when the muscles on one side of the other contract with each other, this is useful in your spinal cord, for example, can make your back muscles supple, reduce back pain, and muscle spasms. While the benefits felt by your stomach organs, which can reduce your digestive problems because this movement regulates the secretions of the adrenal gland, liver, pancreas, and is also beneficial for the kidneys. The right time to do this movement is when sitting in your work chair.
  • Greeva Sanchalana (Moving the Neck) All nerves in the body are connected to each other in different organs and pass through the neck. Therefore, the neck and shoulder muscles experience tension, especially after working for a long time behind the desk. Well, the movement of moving the neck serves to reduce and even defeat severe depression and stiffness in the area of ​​the head, neck and around the shoulder. This movement can be carried out throughout the day while working, for example done at your desk, at rest, and when on the way to a meeting.
  • Ujjayi Pranayama (Slowly Breathing) Finally, doing a quiet or slow breathing movement can be beneficial for the nervous system and calm the mind and defeat depression and stress. When taking a deep breath, feeling relaxed will serve to reduce insomnia. This movement can also be practiced before going to bed or every time you face a stressful situation. Do this movement every day to calm yourself.

Beat depression with Meditation and exercise techniques

Defeating Depression
Defeating Depression

The meditation movement above does not need to do it for long, enough less than five minutes, until we feel more calm. Actually, there are two types of meditation, namely formal and informal meditation.

Formal meditation is meditation that is done in an ‘organized’ manner. You can sit in a chair or cushion, essentially a place for meditation has been prepared. This is good for you that you have back pain, so no problem using back pads to meditate.

After relaxing your body, pull and exhale slowly. When doing this meditation, do not use a cellphone or while watching TV. For beginners, do 5 minutes first, then when you feel better, please increase your duration to meditate.

Informal meditation can be done anytime, like when you are driving, at a desk, or even walking, “Rinpoche said.

To be clearer, we will explain about formal and informal maditics in defeating depression in our next article.

  Light exercise

1. Knee Lift in Sitting Position – Sitting too long facing the computer, our joints and muscles must be sore. Try to relax your body. We can do easy light exercise.

Defeating Depression
Defeating Depression

“Try sitting up straight, knees together (affixed to each other), then lifting your knees together. Perform this movement for 30 seconds and this movement can train your abdominal muscles.Try also with the movement of lifting your right leg and left leg knee alternately, as if you were pedaling a bicycle pedal. Do this movement between breaks.

Trying to exercise lightly in the office loses depression and stress

2. Training Dips – Try to stand back to the table. Place both hands resting on the table behind. Thus the position of the hand slightly bent and behind the body.

Defeating Depression
Defeating Depression

Then lean your body position, slowly raise your knees. The position of this Dips can train the hand muscles, thighs and calves. Be careful to slip off the table, so do it carefully and try to keep your desk clean and relieved. Also make sure your table is strong and stable.

3. Push Up – You can stand facing the table with your hands resting on the table in front of you. Similar to dips, but this time you are facing the table and not backing it. Slide the foot back so that the body position is slightly leaning forward, similar to a push up position. So push ups can not only be done on the floor, some people are also not strong. So push ups can also be done at the table or on the wall. This activity can be used to train the chest muscles, hands, and forearms.

Defeating Depression
Defeating Depression

4. Half Kayang Position – Too long sitting in the office, making my back and neck aching frequently. To fix this, try to make a position like it will. Sit with a stand, then turn your head up. Make the body become curved. So it’s like someone who will love. It can also train your back muscles, stomach, and front arms.

5. Floating on the Chair – Sit cross-legged on a chair with both hands holding the handle of the chair. Hold the stomach and lift the body up to a few centimeters above the chair using the strength of the arms and hands. Repeat several times and get the benefits for the abdominal muscles, hands and arms.

So all the tips from us are simple ways to beat depression and stress in the office, which can be done every day.

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