There are 6 Simple Ways to Beat Depression and prove effective! is a simple way like a habit that we often do, but escapes our attention every day.

In this article we will give tips on 6 simple, inexpensive and doable ways for your family.

A major stress event can cause fatigue and not know how to defeat the depression. And holidays really help clear your mind to be able to handle problems that have been stressful.

Going on vacation is the most effective way to defeat depression, but when we are going to go on vacation there are too many preparations that we have to prepare and also certainly cost a lot. If there is money, it is okay. But how about our funds? This will make our deployment increase because the planned vacation is not implemented.

Mental vacation is a must to defeat depression. But that does not mean you have a vacation that will cost you a lot. Even so, there’s no need to worry, because a mental vacation can beat depression we’ll discuss here.

If you don’t find a way to reduce stress, it can affect your mental and physical health. Mental holidays can be done by relaxing every day in a simple way and certainly will get great benefits.

Visualizing stress-free places and other relaxation techniques is a quick and easy way to help soothe and refresh the whole body and can cause a person to become more excited.

Simple habits to fight depression the best solution

Let’s do and act on 6 simple ways to go through a mental vacation to defeat depression.


Try to do the habit by walking out of the house. Mild physical activity is a great way to overcome depression because it can divert the mind from the stress we are experiencing. Get used to walking in the morning or even at night around our housing complex. This will calm down, pause for a moment and look at the moon, stars how beautiful the night is, give a smile and say good night to the universe at night.

Look up and say our gratitude to God that has so well given us life to the present, breathe the night air into the lung through the nose then exhale through the mouth of the land accompanied by thanksgiving.

Do this habit for 5-10 minutes, or 30 minutes every day and do it relaxed, relaxed, happy and happy. The results of a mental vacation can be amazing just by taking some time every day on a regular basis.

Simple habits that can be done to defeat depression besides training us mentally

Visualize relaxation

Spend a little time doing meditation affirmations before going to bed, focus our minds and imagine things that are fun and that make us happy with family, friends, relatives and the beautiful times we can remember. By meditating on our brain and mind, we will relax. The way to affirm meditation will be discussed in our next article.

Do Meditation before sleeping for about 10-30 minutes to get the peace of mind we expect.

Other simpler efforts to fight depression

Look out the window in the morning

Divert attention by focusing on something other than stressful stress problems. Take a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, breathe fresh morning air and beautiful sunshine and say good luck to the world. Enjoy what we are getting today. Thank God for the cup of coffee we hold and feel the pleasant aroma while imagining how happy I am today accompanied by a beautiful coffee made by my wife.

 Read books on the bed

This activity is a great escape and can make you feel refreshed and relaxed. A warm and comfortable bed is a peaceful place to relieve stress. Reading a book is the perfect way to forget stressful problems, then refocus on your own mind. This way can also overcome depression temporarily.

Look at the photos of happy moments

Seeing family vacation photos or having a nice dinner with friends can be soothing and refreshing. Reflect on the memories of those happy moments, and what makes them so pleasant. Take a few quiet moments to remember, it can cause more relaxed and calm.

Listen to relaxation music

Maybe you want to hear birds singing, rolling waves, or gentle rain, or also listen to instrumental music such as Jazz Music, bossanova or orchestras or watch TV with children and family and do it all happily. All activities that we do at home with our children are an entertainment in themselves and always full of impressions and happiness. Surely this helps to be able to relax more and beat depression before he defeats you.

The most important note to defeat depression before beating you is: do the above habits by giving thanks and feeling happy.

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