An easy way to deal with depression with an aquarium therapy is a very easy and inexpensive way that you can do it yourself without the help of others both at home or in your work area.

One way to improve our mental health is to keep fish in an aquarium.

It has been scientifically proven that people who look at swimming fish can calm our feelings.

The 2015 University of Exekter research results Kicking the aquarium has a positive physical and psychological effect.

According to this study, seeing fish swimming in an aquarium can reduce blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, it can improve mood, improve concentration and overcome depression.

to deal with depression
to deal with depression

Quoting the vice, lecturer from the director of the center of human animal bond from Alan Back University purde

Said, closely related to nature, especially animals, animals are very important for human psychology. From his research summarized the Biophilia hypothesis, positive benefits when dealing closely with nature.

Aquarium therapy, although the results have not been officially announced, now seeing fish swimming in an aquarium for ten minutes can lower blood pressure and heart rate and also treat depression.

There are other benefits, namely the effect of looking at the aquarium can also reduce feelings of anxiety, frustration, fear, and depression. In the study the results were very surprising that the effects of aquarium therapy, increasing the nutritional intake of Alzheimer’s patients by 21.1 percent and making it more focused.

to deal with depression
to deal with depression

Aquarium therapy techniques to deal with depression

In fact aquarium therapy is very simple and inexpensive, by maintaining a variety of ornamental fish. Enjoy the atmosphere whenever we want to see our favorite fish at home, also complete your aquarium by installing panoramic images of the sea in your aquarium. in order to create a quiet and cool atmosphere. Look at the fish in the aquarium for a few minutes and imagine how peaceful and beautiful the views in the water are with our ornamental fish. The longer we do this therapy the more we are carried away feeling calm and automatically the blood in the body is thought to go down and even depression or stress will gradually fade away brought along the peace of feeling that occurs.

to deal with depression
to deal with depression

Hopefully this article is useful in terms of To Deal With depression and stress that often we unconsciously experience both at work or other problems in a neat way.

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