Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if you’re new here My name is Nadia and every week I bring you free sex advice and sex talk Aimed at breaking down the shame and stigma that we have around sex and today in case way outfit didn’t give it away I want to talk to you guys about how to be sexy.

To Be Sexy

This doesn’t really leave much to the imagination Guys my face is up here So I thought it would be very appropriate in the spirit of today’s Theme on being sexy to put on an outfit that makes me feel sexy and that is my sexiest little negligee however.

Today, I will not be focusing on what you wear I will be focusing much more on how you act because Contrary to popular belief being sexy is not Something we’re born with being sexy is a skill now before I get started I want to let you guys know about something really exciting that I have just released and that Is an e-book called hack your sex life and it is a very sexy cheeky but Informative a book all you need to do to get your copy of my free ebook hack your sex life is to go and join.

My patreon so I will put a link down in the description below Believe it or not a couple of years ago. I Didn’t used to be this completely shameless I would never have worn a top that got half my titties out on camera And I never would have just gone up and spoken to total strangers But today I am so confident in both myself and my body and how I look regardless of what other people think of me because of practicing flirting now when I say practicing flirting most people of course immediately think of going up to someone you find really attractive and Just you know, basically making it clear that you find them very attractive.

But flirting it actually goes so much further than that. And what I want to challenge you to do it’s gonna sound a bit crazy It’s for the next week to flirt with Everyone and I mean everyone That you cross paths with that means the lady that serves you when you go to the local grocer that means the man that delivers your mail that means. The little old lady that lives next door to you Now I do not mean that you should be trying to sexually And come on to the little old lady that lives next door or to the person at the grocery store.

To Be Sexy

what I mean when I say to flirt is to be a little bit cheeky and Banter asst the interest is a bit of a UK word a lot of people seem to think I’m from the UK because of my accent but I am Ozzy never actually been to the UK. But it’s on my list to be bad to us just means to be open to having a chat with someone and to be open to having a bit of it’ll laugh with that person and Making a few little jokes if you normally when you go and get your groceries from the grocery store. check

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