So this is going to be spicy
I had to take lots of notes
I’m confessing to my pages of notes because I thought there’s no way I’m going to remember all this juicy stuff. About technique of how to make love

Very rarely do I
a lot of things to read on my videos
But I kind of had a lot of things I wanted to remember to say and I can go on like long long long long
SP tangents.

So in this video if you want to know
Everything you need to know about having sex with an Aspie
That’s what this one’s gonna be about now. I know there’s not many videos out there.

Offering advice on this subject because ass bees don’t usually like to talk about stuff like that
But I’m going to talk about it
Okay, so there’s three different areas
I want to discuss there is sea before
There is the during and I know you guys are just gonna try to skip to the during part.

Let’s get straight down to business and then there’s the after
So I made lots and lots of notes and like I said, I’m not gonna do freestyle
I just want to go through my notes with you guys. So that way the videos not like 2000 years
long and
okay, so
The before so, okay
This is a before the first thing that people need to
understand now this videos gonna work a little bit better if it’s like
The male is
Like the neurotypical and the female is to ASPI
But there’s going to be lots of advice in here that goes both ways
Now I’m speaking from my perspective obviously because I am the female
with Asperger’s and then my partner he was
neurotypical……...see the full video above

Make Love

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