No, but what’s up guys and welcome back to a brand new video. You know today guys were gonna be talking a bit about this Girl, I guess and how she’s like fucking seven and is already tranny Confirmed three hundred percent knows she’s gonna get his her dick cut off.

Kids if you find cocaine and your parents dresser drawer at home snored as much as possible, it cannot hurt you or Lace your blunt with it. Either way, you’re gonna have a good time. It’s fun and it’s safe


Okay, like that pecker is not gonna get past fucking three inches before I get a pair of fucking safety scissors and Snip that shit off, but I guess without further ado. Let’s get right into it Guys, you know, you might not know this about me, but I’m actually a very big fan of Teen Vogue I’m a fourteen female and I like to cut my wrists But now if you actually like Teen Vogue, you probably also think that you’re a fucking werewolf. Yes They sometimes meet under a full moon. That is if mom and dad let them out of the house.

We’re here Those beacons Fuckin cake is hogging all of the food in the house like you look at them You look at this woman you look at this mom, and then you look at this kid and holy shit, dude There’s just a big difference man Like at this point the mom is taking all the food stamps and not giving any of it to the small children with crippling depression The truth is her transgender, ‘no sacktual e comes from malnutrition How did you feel when I first touched up as a girl I felt scared Because I already knew I’m gonna be honest here for a second think of how how fucking sink.

This is I mean you can obviously tell the mom is like oh, yeah I knew it’s like yeah you knew because you’re fucking convincing this kid that he wants to chop his fucking pecker off and my heart Who’s your favorite superhero and why? Like a woman a PI, she’s kind Karthik. Look at the way. This bitch is fucking smiling, like holy shit, sir She’s like, oh, hey guys. And what’s your favorite? What’s your what’s your favorite superhero? Yeah. You know what?

I told you to say earlier like I mean, it’s totally okay. Listen to me It’s totally okay if like this kid would be like, oh, yeah I want to be a girl and like the mum would just be like, okay. Well, you know, I guess that’s no rights but like wouldn’t being like so pushy about it’s like this girl is definitely Fucking pushy about it’s like she’s the one who’s actually gonna chop his dick off


When do you feel the most brave? Well when somebody is me very mean to my little brothers and I start to get angry and then get brave Because I know they won’t hurt me against Because I’m protecting my little brother. When are you the most worried about me when the political atmosphere? Yeah, you know in a free society I’m very worried about my daughter because I’m pretty sure the government’s actually going to fucking kill her.

I mean you can tell she’s obviously one of these big fucking feminists. It’s like oh my god, I did fucking Trump is Hitler No, you know with Trump. I’m looking different about him. Really. I’m not like super into him Like I like some of his policies, but that’s just me. That’s just with every fucking politician if you don’t like any Fucking policies from a politician then you’re probably fucking biased if you genuinely think your kids going to get fucking killed By like the government’s if Trump’s in charges and you you know, you’re probably fucking retarded

Starts ramping up against transgender people or when I hear about another Transgender woman being hurt what? Yes guys every time a boy gets hurt in the street riding his fucking tricycle. I get worried for my son It’s essentially what this bitch is doing right now. Do you ever feel scared about being transgender .

you , do you ever , Feel like other people don’t understand what it is to be transgender Okay, are you actually fucking seven you just remind yourself of this than like actually if you think it’s seven year olds actually capable of Saying all this shit’s like I was seven I couldn’t even comprehend What the fuck a word that’s like twelve letters men’s also they’re fuckin seven

The phenomenon of transgender in minors

Why does it matter what they say, but they don’t know shit about the world me this point It’s like going up to a baby in saying hey, how’s life go? How’s life guys? How’s fucking life going so far? Is there ever a time when someone treated you differently because you’re transgender? Yes, and they’ll just go back in history. How are they treating you differently?

Cuz I didn’t know we’re allowed to go to the girls bathroom. Oh my god. Yeah, you have a dick still dude That’s what that’s what happens. You can’t go into a fucking bathroom That’s for the other sex if you still have a dick, I mean, I’m sorry you can play with like fucking Princess toys and all everybody can call you is she if you want to but I’m just saying due to that.

It’s always been if you have a dick you have to go in the man’s bathroom no matter how you feel in your head especially when you’re fucking seven dude, I mean I think it is absolutely fucking ridiculous for them to go to his fuckin preschool and be like, yeah I want to be able to use the fucking girl’s bathroom because in my mind I am a fucking girl Just make me go to random a bathroom. That was supposed to be for all the students but and there was even a sign saying for all students and I My teacher would might only let the girls go there. So I would feel like it was a proper bathroom for me, but The same boys I would always have accidents because hmm

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